Host An Institute

Rural Social Work Caucus Annual National Institute on Social Work and
Human Services in Rural Areas Conference

Conference Proposal Bid

Please submit your proposal that includes the following items to be considered for an upcoming conference host. Submit your proposal to Karen Rice at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


  • Identify the theme/focus of the conference (be sure the theme is relevant to rural social work practice).

  • Identify year in which you would like to host the conference


  • Provide rationale for the fit between the hosting group and the Rural Social Work Caucus/Annual National Institute on Social Work and Human Services in Rural Areas ('Institute').


  • Describe available conference and meeting facilities, including seating capacity/set up for plenary sessions, number and seating capacity of meeting rooms  

  • List audio/video equipment available, and what, if any, charge there will be to the presenter for its use


  • What lodging options exist on the campus and in the area. (Note that the culture of the Institute has been to be 'family friendly' and to encourage registrants to locate in a central area to facilitate networking and camaraderie.) If dorm rooms are utilized, describe them in detail: approx. year constructed; air conditioning? Linens/towels provided? Soap/shampoo provided?

  • Identify distance of lodging from conference activities and if any transportation will be provided to/from lodging and conference site, it not in walking distance to one another.

  • Describe any meal services available (Describe location, quality, variety, availability of meal plans, cost per person, etc.). The tradition of the conference has been to include the following meals as part of the conference fee: breakfast each morning of the conference, one lunch (typically at start of conference and during Keynote address), one dinner (typically right after the annual Rural Social Work Caucus business meeting)

Local Networking and Attractions

  • Describe how the prospective host program will collaborate with other social work programs to enhance participation and attendance.

  • What notable local cultural or historical attractions exist for possible group excursions? Will any of these cultural activities be organized by conference hosts and offered to conference attendees? If so, what would the approximate additional cost be?

  • In what ways will the program attempt to incorporate local rural culture? This could be through workshops, concerts, special presentations, exhibits, services, etc. (Traditionally, one of the meals provided is a meal representative of the host’s area and entertainment during the dinner, also, reflects the culture of the region)


  • Would the program/institution be able to arrange transportation to integral Institute events and optional excursions at a reasonable price?

  • Method of / availability of transportation from airports to conference site.  

  • Proximity to 'hub' airports. (Distance to nearest major airport.)


  • Estimated cost, including what the cost covers (historically, the cost includes conference registration and all conference materials, CEUs, daily breakfast, one lunch, one dinner, entertainment with either lunch or dinner)

  •  How will registration be conducted? By the social work program? Campus conference service? Contracted registration service?

  • Will the conference T-shirt be included in cost of registration or made available as an optional, additional, cost?